What is Radon, Why do I want to remove it?

If you live or work in Southern Michigan, then you may be getting exposed to the harmful effects of Radon gas. We highly recommend a Radon test to see what your Radon levels are. Many local health departments offer free or low cost Radon test kit. You may purchase a Radon detector or call a certified Radon Tester.Check your home or business for Radon gas. To learn more about Radon symptoms or see the Surgeon General Warning, there are a number of excellent sites available. Below are some links for you to consider. 

Excerpts from a citizens guide to radon
Public Service Announcements from the EPA
Please visit www.epa.gov for more information on these videos
Video Courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency
                                                   radon levels in michigan

Radon Information sites:

NRPP  National Radon Proficiency Program

US EPA  Environemental Protection Agency

AirChek - Radon Laboratory. Health effects, and other useful information

MDNRE - Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environement

Surgeon General - 2005 News Release, Surgeon General warns of Radon health risk 

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