How Does a Radon Mitigation System Work And Where Does It Go In My Home? Where Does It Take Radon From?

WHY?:As stated in the Radon Info page, Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas. You can't see radon. And you can't smell it or taste it. But it may be a problem in your home. The EPA and WHO outline what different radon levels mean. 

HOW?: Radon originates from cracks in bedrock deep in the earth and enters your home mainly through the basement and crawl space:

So it is our Job to pull as much radon out from under your house as possible before it even enters your home. We do this by installing a system in your basement, crawlspace, or slab. This utilizes either your sump or a hole we will make through the concrete or dirt to draw the radon to that point. Our system uses the simple concept of a vacuum to draw the radon to that point in the floor and push it outside above the roof line where it dissipates to harmless levels:
The system can be installed in several different ways including, completely hidden, fan in attic, fan in house, or the most common route; outdoor installation. All systems are guaranteed to reduce your home to safe levels and if the don't we will be back to fix it:

There are many options and we quote your system at your home based on your needs and wants unlike most of our competitors. Remember we cover a large piece of Michigan and word of mouth from satisfied customers is our best advertisement.

Here are a couple screen shots from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) web-site. Always check before you hire. Yes we cost a little more, but now you know why! Get good service, get good follow up, get no reasons to complain, Hire Southern Michigan Radon! It is important to us to take care of dangerous radon levels and keep our customers safe and satisfied.

         Swat Environmental customer filed complaints                  vs.                 Southern Michigan Radon customer filed complaints